Grapefruit – Rio Red

Price: 119.9

Our favorite red-fleshed variety introduced from Texas. Performs best in warm climates. Fruit ripens in winter and often holds the tree into fall. Wonderful for juice or eating fresh. You Get large, 5 Gallon, Well Established Trees! These trees are a minimum three years old, have extensive branching and some of the largest root systems available. We take pride in delivering you the highest quality citrus trees with healthy roots and full, well-established stems and foliage.

Charlene Strawn Water Lily

Price: 41.99

Fragrant Yellow Water Lily This lily’s reliability makes it great for anyone new to growing water lilies. ‘Charlene Strawn’ holds its flowers above the water surface and has a long blooming season. A highly fragrant lily with a free-flowering yellow color, this variety is a long-time favorite! It has slightly mottled pads, giving it an interesting look in any pond or water garden. The yellow flowers are 6-8 inches wide, the leaves are 8-9 inches wide, and the overall plant spread is 3-5 feet wide. ‘Charlene Strawn’ grows best in full to partial sun.

Clematis – Ruutel

Price: 59.9

Compact, Vigorous Growing & Heavy Bloomer Clematis Ruutel, Clematis ‘Ruutel™’, is one of the very best red clematis! The dark red color is stunning and complimented by nearly black anthers. ‘Ruutel’ is a vigorous grower and an exceptionally heavy bloomer!

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